More On The AIR Instrument Expansion Pack Update

10-16-2013 10:08 AM

In podcast 86 we discussed some of the problems and issues some users have been having trying to buy, download and authorise the new Instrument Expansion Pack update from AIR Instruments. Just as we were about to record the show, Russ took a call from the CEO of Music Tech and Russ shared the contents of that conversation in the podcast. If you haven’t heard it we do recommend that you take a listen.
AIR explained to us that there are 2 main issues. Firstly some people aren’t getting the promo codes that users who bought the AIR IEP from Avid and AIR are trying to get to the bottom of this working with Avid but it seems as if some data hasn’t made the transition from Avid to AIR and they are trying to resolve this.
The second issue is that some users have bought it successfully but then have had download problems. As Russ explained these files are huge and there is alot of internet related technology between the Digital River servers and your computer any part of which could cause a problem with a download. However this is not affecting everybody. AIR have told us that around 10,000 users have successfully downloaded the IEP but AIR have been working hard with Digital River to improve matters here too.
As a result of all of this, AIR have made the following announcement with resources to help users who are still having problems.
Hi All,
Our E-Commerce fulfillment partner (Digital River) has experienced some delays in the fulfillment of the instruments included in the AIR Instrument Expansion Pack. Their servers have been overwhelmed by the amount of downloads that are being processed simultaneously, and this has resulted in some customers not receiving all of the instruments or only receiving partially downloaded files.

If this delay has affected you, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We are working with Digital River to correct the issue as soon as possible and have set up a resource page here for anyone who needs help retrieving their downloads.

If you registered a previous version of the Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack (or any of its included instruments) and have not received your upgrade promo code(s), please go to this page. There you can retrieve the promo code(s) associated with your registered email address.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your business.

The AIR Team
We at Pro Tools Expert don’t live in an ivory tower and we aren’t immune to these problems. Russ currently has problems with Loom and Vacuum but he is waiting patiently for a solution. During the iLok saga both Russ and Mike suffered licenses temporarily going missing and here on Pro Tools Expert we tried to help the community through these issues working with iLok and reporting potential solutions and workarounds as they became available. We are doing the same with the AIR now. However as with the iLok saga, the very social media we use to try and help the community, can be used by individuals to blow up problems out of all proportion and we believe this has happened with the AIR IEP as it did with the iLok saga. Remember that virtually every major upgrade has had its share of problems, recently the mighty Apple had problems with the iOS 7 release, so AIR and iLok are not alone, they have the company of some very big players.
Our Advice
We recommend that if it isn’t a matter of life and death to upgrade right now then hold off for a while. If you are in the middle of a project that uses the AIR IEP then definitely don’t upgrade until that project is complete and you have some downtime. This is the same advice we give for any type of upgrade. Assume it will go wrong and will take some time and effort to fix it. If it works, you’re laughing, but if you do experience problems then you have the time to fix them.
If you have tried to upgrade and have had problems then please follow the instructions AIR have provided and keep it cool. Shouting at people is not going to get the problem resolved any quicker. Being cool and clear in describing what your problems are and giving as much information as possible is going to be the best policy to expedite your problem to a successful outcome.