Get Your Own 'Next Level Sh*t!' T Shirt

04-14-2013 03:50 PM

It seems our parody of the Pro Tools 11 advert has been getting a lot of love, both by the user community and also from Avid, who loved it - we even got an email from the producer who said “Just saw the “what were they looking at” Pro Tools 11 parody video…OMG dude, HILARIOUS!!!! Thanks for that.”
Whilst at Musikmesse we had a lot of people asking us to make some T-Shirts based on what are destined to be famous last words “Next level sh*t!” We’ve got both censored and uncensored designs, depending on your taste. You can order most sizes and colours, so go check them out.
So if you want to grab yourself a cool Pro Tools Expert T-Shirt, or hoodie then head over to RedBubble and grab one. Enjoy!