Community Tip - Using Applescript To Rename & Import Tracks In Order

10-11-2013 09:48 AM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is one from Dmitry Savosh…..
I have one very useful thing, which I would like to share with the community. I spend a lot of time preparing a project before mixing. I really like to set the audio tracks in the desired order. Kick, snare, hh, toms … bass .. guitars .. I got the idea to write an AppleScript that will automate this. It processes a folder with audio files that I’m going to work, renaming the files in the correct sequence. “Kick.wav” becomes “1 Kick.wav”. “Snare.wav” becomes “2 Snare.wav” and so on. So when I import the audio files into Pro Tools and they will already be in the desired order! Even if the arranger calls an audio track “guitar+++.wav” or “solo guit-2.wav”, the script will understand that this is a guitar and put the track in the correct sequence. After I imported the tracks into the Pro Tools, I run the second part of the script, which renames the tracks in the Pro Tools, emulating pressing a buttons on the keyboard. The script also removes the numbering of track titles so “1 Kick” becomes “Kick”. I just have to wait until the script does it in real time usually no more than a minute. The script can be edited to add the names of tracks you want.
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