UAD Announce API Channel Strip Plug-in For Apollo & DSP Cards

10-10-2013 08:33 PM

This is hot off the press an API channel strip plug-in. Comprised of five API modules, the API Vision is UA’s most colorful channel strip plug-in to date, allowing you to inject your tracks with all of the warmth and personality of API’s flagship analog console.
A longtime leader in analog console design, API desks have shaped hits from the Foo Fighters to Fleetwood Mac’s classic, Rumours. Introduced in 2003, API’s flagship Vision Console was crafted to uphold the company’s soulful sonic tradition while providing flexibility and features for modern workflows.
For the first time, you can have a complete channel strip of classic API punch, presence, and color with the API Vision Channel Strip plug-in — exclusively for UAD-2 DSP hardware and Apollo interfaces. Now you can:

  • Track and mix through a stunning emulation of API’s flagship analog console
  • Warm up signals through the API 212L preamp with famed 2520 API op-amp
  • Reshape envelopes and create dramatic dynamic effects with the 235L Gate/Expander
  • Tame transients and craft wild new textures with API’s legendary 225L compression circuit

For more information, visit the UA web site