Problems With The Pro Tools 11 Student Upgrade? A Possible Solution

10-10-2013 09:04 AM

In Podcast 85, we raised the issue of some people still not able to get the free student upgrade to Pro Tools 11 and the lack of a way to communicate with Avid yet again. Phil Tuttle got in touch again having followed our advice and contacted his dealer who referred him to a story on this site, but seemed unable or unwilling to help beyond that, which is very dissapointing.

Wayne Glenn contacted us via our Facebook page to tell us about a possible solution to get in touch with Avid on this. Wayne says…

Seems people are still confused about how to get the free student upgrade. The dealers don’t seem to have any control over the issue. Here is the link to get it resolved.
This seems an excellent point of contact with Avid, not just for student upgrade, but dealing with any activation or registration issues. There are useful links for Academic Eligibility and Checking your educational verification status amongst others.

If you are still having trouble like Phil Tuttle then do try this route and let us know how you get on. Thanks Wayne for the tip.