Delay Compensation Issue And Solutions When Using Cascading Record Tracks In Pro Tools

10-09-2013 07:30 PM

In Podcast 85 we discussed two examples where delay compensation didn’t appear to be working correctly in Pro Tools 11. We touched on an example that Mike Aiton had discussed with me. Since the podcast, George Flores from Toronto in Canada shared the session with me and I was able to reproduce what he was experiencing. We sent it onto Simon Sherbourne at Avid UK and he took a look at it and came back with two answers for this example.

The key thing to say is that it is not a bug. Pro Tools is working as it is designed to, however under certain circumstances connected to cascading tracks and using audio tracks for stems, it appears as if there is an issue, but there are two ways to resolve it and we show them in this video.

Thanks to George for raising the issue, Mike Aiton for sharing it and especially to Simon Sherbourne for explaining what is happening and how to handle it.