Exponential Audio Reverb Plug-ins AES Special Offer

10-09-2013 03:19 PM

In celebration of the 135th AES Convention we are offering an exclusive offer on Exponential Audio’s reverb plug-ins, the Phoenixverb, R2 and the bundle of the 2 together for a limited period.
Deal Pricing
Phoenix Verb - Deal price £95 - Down from £145.00
R2 Reverb - Deal price £135 - Down from £210.00
Buy both and get an extra deal with this Bundle - Deal price £210 - Down from £305.00
PhoenixVerb is ideal for applications where a realistic natural reverberation is needed. It’s perfect for classical music, jazz, acoustic music or percussion with just the right placement.

R2 was created for mixes where the sound of the reverb is part of the sound of the mix. Reverb tails are alive with character. You’ll notice real (and intentional) artifacts in the tail, which might include pitch modulation. R2 has many of the characteristics of ‘classic’ reverberators. R2 also has a gate, driven by the reverb’s input. Whether for the dramatic effect of a fat reverb that’s suddenly swallowed up, or for gentle ducking, you have power you can explore.
Similarities and differences
The two reverbs are very different. You can’t make R2 sound like PhoenixVerb and you can’t make PhoenixVerb sound like R2. Although they look alike and are controlled in the same way, they’re different reverbs. PhoenixVerb is very transparent and natural if you want to use that term. R2 is more aggressive, with modulation you can hear. Your choice depends on what you want out of a mix.

Although they sound different, both PhoenixVerb and R2 are excellent for small rooms. They have easy-to-use control of early re