Community Tip - Using A Kensington Expert Mouse

10-06-2013 10:00 AM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is one from Paul Hoffman…
Many PT users, like myself, use a trackball mouse such as a Kensington Expert Mouse. These often have programmable buttons which can be configured in the mouse’s preference pane. What I have done is assigned some commonly used PT keystrokes to the buttons. On my 4 button expert mouse, left click and right click remain the same. The upper left button, though, I have assigned to “=” so I can toggle mix and edit without using the keyboard. The upper right, I have assigned to “option dash” which toggles all tracks between volume view and waveform view. Both upper buttons clicked together triggers “command 7” which selects the smart tool. Of course you can assign any keyboard shortcuts you like, but having to not move my hand to the keyboard — say several hundred times per day— is worth the effort in my opinion. Keep up the great work gents.
Mike - We are building up a very useful collection of tips and tricks for human to technology interfaces, do keep them coming please.
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