Ingenious Site Allows You To Build Your Own 500 Series Rack Online

10-04-2013 03:40 AM

Let’s be honest you could hardly say that most sales web sites are imaginative, most simply see how much gear they can get on one page and offer a search engine with the standard PR picture of the product.
So when we saw the RSPE Rack Revolution we had to smile, it has to be seen to be appreciated. The site gives you the chance to pick a chassis and then load it with your own 500 series modules, right before your eyes, it even keeps a running total of how much you are racking up (forgive the pun). Yo can save the racks and share them with your friends too.
In a world of pile-it-high and sell-it-cheap box merchants it is nice to see a dealer who actually uses some imagination.
Head over to their site and take it for a spin.