Community Tip - Reliability Of SSD Drives

10-03-2013 10:00 AM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is one from Sebastian Hastrup…
Hey! Long time listener of the podcast here. Been listening since day one. I really like the user tips and feedback that is more prominent on the show nowadays, great stuff! I got a link for you guys. I was researching SSD drives because I was thinking about getting one to use as a session and sound library disk. I know you have always said to use HHDs for that, but I was really intrigued by the thought of getting kontakt to load samples to RAM quicker. I have been told and have heard often that SSDs have a limited lifespan, every one cell can only be overwritten yay many times. OK, that is indeed a fact. But I have always asked myself what this actually means in actual use. So I stumbled upon this link.
These guys stress test a Samsung 840 standard SSD (an SSD that uses the least good technology) and the results are mind blowing! Their tests show that a Samsung 840 will stand up to normal use (10GB written every single day) about 70 years before breaking down. Seventy Years! Of course this test is not totally real world, but it convinces me enough to ditch hard drives from now on. Their actual results show about 200 years of normal use, but they count in some factors to actually make it more real world. So I’m now sitting with a mac mini i7, 16GB RAM with two 250 gb SSDs in it, dead silent and ridiculously fast, and I will not have to worry about the disks breaking down before technology moves on and I upgrade. In fact, the SSDs probably last longer than the SATA standard.
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