Source Connect Transatlantic Link Up Show & Tell Review

10-02-2013 10:07 AM

We made this video in which Mike linked up with Source Element’s Rebekah Wilson, and we discuss and demonstrate how Source-Connect can lock two Pro Tools systems together over the internet to within 1/4 of a frame in response to a request from community member Peter Groom…
Just read the PT Expert release info about Source-Connect. Is there a possibility for one of your extremely interesting how to videos highlighting the benefits and user functionality of SC, especially running pictures? I certainly find SC a great tool and I’m sure lots of people don’t really know much about it.
Whilst Mike was editing this video we also got this question from Thabiso Mabena in Podcast 84
I wonder if you know anything about Source-Live streaming, if so, please tell us more, I have seen some videos whereby someone is in China and the other engineer is in Los Angeles mixing together in real time on your timeline, amazing stuff. while on the other hand they link up via Skype, perhaps your followers might like this. I think your opinion will be much more helpful as it has always been.
Now if you aren’t aware of Source Elements then this video demonstrates how you can use Source-Connect to lock two Pro Tools systems together and they also have a feature where you can replace the AAC files with the original WAV files. For much more on Source-Connect visit their web site.
Thabiso Mabena also mentions Source-Live which is another product from Source Elements. Source-Live enables you to stream audio live over the internet so a client can audition a project with nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser.
Whether you are interested in Source-Connect or Source-Live, the team at Source Elements are very proactive in helping users and if you click on the banner ad on our site then you can book a ½ hour session with a Source Elements support team member to help get you going.
Source Elements also have two other very useful products, Source-Talkback, which is a plug-in that will enable a talkback button and dim your audio when you talk and can be used on it’s own, you don’t need to have Source-Connect to us it but it does work well with Source-Connect.
Finally there is Source-Zip, which is a specially designed data compression application. We often use Zip and Unzip to reduce the size of files before we share them over the internet but the algorithms in normal zip files aren’t designed for audio files so Source Elements designed Source-Zip to specifically handle audio files and the good news is that the recipient doesn’t need Source-Zip at the other end, the file with self extract.