Community Tip - Marking And Colour Coding Cables

10-02-2013 10:00 AM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is one from DF Tweedie….
Some of us still use audio and midi patching … and not always with those nicely numbered snakes. This is a pretty simple idea … but sometimes simple is good. Electrical plastic tape can be bought in colours, either individual rolls or packs of Red, White, Green, Yellow and Blue. To keep track of which end of a cable is which, I do the following. All audio patch cables have a single band of white tape on each end for ‘left out’ cables or a red band for ‘right in’ cables. All midi cables have a white band on one end for ‘white out’ and a red band on the other end for ‘red in.’ When re-racking this saves tons of headache. A fine point sharpie can do further damage to frustration for gear that is broken down and reset up from time to time by by texting the bands. Oh … I figure you already know what to do with these cable ends and your physical ins and outs.
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