Recabinet Guitar Speaker Cabinet Plugin - Exclusive Pro Tools Expert 40% Off 7 Day Deal

10-01-2013 12:23 PM

To celebrate the release of Recabinet 3.6.0 adding AAX 32 and 64 bit support for Pro Tools 10 and 11 Our friends at Kazrog LLC have decided to give the Pro Tools Expert community a whopping 40% off deal for a very limited period of just 7 days. Buy Recabinet now for just $29.99 (£18.65)* In some European territories VAT will be added to the final bill.
Recabinet offers:

  • 20 virtual cabinets
  • 8 virtual microphones
  • 2 internal channels with the British-inspired Kazrog Konsole EQ, specifically voiced for making guitar and bass tracks come alive.

Best of all, you can blend any cabinet and microphone/position combination with 100% phase coherency – breaking the laws of physics!Now with added Speaker Dynamics modeling, simulating all of the nonlinear behavior of real guitar speakers. This feature has made Recabinet by far the most accurate speaker cabinet simulator in the industry, Recabinet also now adds third party IR import and stereo panning, adding infinite flexibility.
Recabinet 3 makes it fast and easy to find inspiring new sounds, avoiding the hassle of complex mixer routing and folder navigation associated with impulse response libraries. It also ships with ready-to-rock factory presets, with more on the way from major artists and producers.
Add Recabinet 3 in the signal chain after your favorite analog guitar amp, or your favorite software amp simulator (with cabinet simulation disabled) and you will experience a dramatic improvement in the realism of your guitar tracks. Recabinet 3 changes the proverbial game, giving you album-quality guitar tone direct, faster and easier than ever before.
Recabinet is also VST, AU, and RTAS compatible for Mac OS X and Windows.
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