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Europe's music royalties societies must now allow artists to sign up to a society of their choice and make multi-country licenses available to the likes of Amazon and Apple after a court backed an EU veto on national monopolies.

On Friday Europe's General Court, its second highest, upheld a 2008 ruling by the European Commission.

Under the current system, each European country has its own collecting society, such as PRS in the United Kingdom and SIAE in Italy, which deal only with songwriters and performers in their own country.

In total they collect around 6 billion euros (5.1 billion pounds) a year in royalties for more than a million songwriters and performers in the 27-country European Union.
Critics say the system restricts consumers' access to music and hinders the uptake of innovative services offered by online service providers such as Apple, Amazon and Spotify, which are forced to set up many different versions according to country and cannot offer international libraries.
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I'm not saying that I agree with the current situation regarding music royalties, because I don't, but...

Is it just me who gets a whiff of an enormous rodent of the genus Rattus Multinational Corporatus?

Or maybe this would be good for recording artists...

Your thoughts?