Community Tip - Winner From Podcast 82 - Blow Up Vocal Booth

09-26-2013 09:00 PM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is one from Mark Small who wins the stormtrooper iLok from Podcast 82. Mark says…
Hi, I have been researching vocals booths on a budget and have come up with this idea. Using 4 blow up beds and 3 13.5 tog duvets I have managed to construct a working vocal booth which packs away into a couple of bags. This is still somewhat of a work in progress and my next step is to add self adhesive Velcro strips to hold everything together.
Mike - This is very clever. I would recommend having the duvets on the inside to mop up any reflections from the beds. Of course there is no isolation but as an idea to create an acoustically dead space well done.

Jivey - A moment of genius. Don’t forget to pack the pump!
Neil - Good idea, alternatively making a simple screw together frame out of cheap timber and just draping the duvets over would be more effective in the vein of what Mike said and having the Duvet’s as the absorption rather than the airbeds as they wont absorb. If you are clever about how you make the frame it would pack down into a few simple parts for easy storage.
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