Sonnox Release New Codec Toolbox Application & Plug-in

09-26-2013 08:13 PM

Click to watch the videoCodec Toolbox from Sonnox is an invaluable solution for encoding your music for the web. Everyone want our music to sound great in every format, don’t we?
Codec Toolbox is the result of a partnership with Fraunhofer, who originally created the mp3 and AAC formats that the majority of people listen to today online or on their iPod / mp3 player. Over many years Fraunhofer have perfected these codecs and they are presented to you in the Codec Toolbox to ensure your music sounds the best possible online as it does in the studio.
Codec Toolbox consists of two applications - the Toolbox Plug-In, for auditioning your mix in real-time through various codecs, and the Toolbox Manager for encoding and adding metadata.

  • Audition codecs in real-time (a huge time saver - no need to encode first then listen!)
  • Multiple high quality codecs, including mp3, AAC and iTunes+
  • Batch encode multiple files to save time
  • ‘Clip Safe’ auto-compensates for any overs, keeping your mix clean
  • Add metadata like track names and artwork
  • Decode mp3 or AAC files to WAV or AIF
  • Costs just £35 GBP

Why do I need it?

  • You want to hear in real time how your mix sounds encoded for mp3 or AAC at different bit-rates.
  • You want to ensure your mix isn’t too loud and won’t clip when played back.
  • You want to encode your music with high quality codecs for the best listening experience.
  • You want to create or edit metadata for encoded files
  • You want to batch encode or decode multiple files

Can I get a free trial?
Yes! Click here for a free 15-day trial. Sonnox just need your iLok account ID and email address and they will send your 15-day trial licence to your iLok account.
What’s an iLok account - do I need one?
Yes. If you don’t have one, simply visit and set up your free iLok account in minutes. You won’t need an iLok2 device if you don’t have one, as the Codec Toolbox licence can be linked to your computer instead. If you do already have an iLok2 device, that’s fine too - whichever you prefer.
Which platforms are supported?
Codec Toolbox is compatible with Mac (OSX 10.6.8 and above) and Windows (XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8). Installers are provided for AAX Native, RTAS, Audio Units and VST formats. Most DAW’s are supported. We recommend you download a trial to ensure compatibility with your system.