Blue Cat Audio Update MB-7 v2.0.2 - Now Supports VST Shell Plug-ins

09-17-2013 06:25 PM

Blue Cat Audio have been busy adding features to the MB-7. Version 2.0.2has added support for plug-ins bundled into a VST Shell and the bug where some plug-ins used to crash when reloading a Pro Tools session in Pro Tools 11 has now been fixed.
Will Avid continue to support this plug-in?
We continue to get questions about whether Avid will block this plug-in like they did with the SugarBytes one. We believe they will because the MB-7 hosts VST plug-ins in Avid’s eyes it isn’t a wrapper.
What is the difference between a wrapper and a hosting plug-in?
A wrapped plug-in will appear in the Pro Tools plug-in list with its own name. A hosted plug-in will not, you will only find the host plug-in in your plug-in list. As the Blue Cat Audio MB-7 hosts it is our understanding that Avid will continue to support it.
Existing Users
If you have already taken advantage of our special deal on the MB-7 then you can download the latest version. You don’t need to re-register it, rather go to the email you received from Blue Cat when you registered it and in that email is a download link, use that lnk and you will be able to download the latest version.
New Users
Anyone who doesn’t already own the Blue Cat Audio MB-7 that would like to, you can click this link to get 30% off in our exclusive deal