75% Off A One Year Plan For 50GB Of Storage On Gobbler

09-15-2013 10:35 AM

Another new deal in association with our friends at Dropbox and Stack Social, 75% off a one year 50gb plan.

Musicians, producers, artists, creatives of all kinds: forget Dropbox, there’s a better way to transfer files and collaborate on projects. Introducing Gobbler: the only cloud software built to meet the needs and workflow of musicians.
At the minimum, it automatically detects and backs up changes to your projects as they happen, so you never lose data and can even restore earlier versions of your work. But it does so much more by quickly transferring and organizing projects of any file size so you can collaborate with anyone, anywhere and never lose hold of a file…or your creative flow.

Founded by a dedicated team of leaders in the music production, technology, and digital media fields, Gobbler is headquartered in the heart of the recording industry – Hollywood, California. Through their experiences seeing friends and colleagues lose valuable musical creations due to failing hard drives and misplaced files, they set out to create an all-in-one solution.
The way we see it, that’s exactly what they’ve done. Gobbler solves data management needs intelligently so that you can stop looking for lost files and manually backing up work, and can focus on what you’re passionate about.

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