Avid Release Pro Tools 11.0.2 And TCE And X-Form Are Back

09-15-2013 09:04 AM

Avid have released Pro Tools v11.0.2 and it brings back the Digidesign Time Compression & Expansion algorithm which so many post and dialog editors were missing, as well as support for X-Form, and the Aphex Aural Exiter and Big Bottom plug-ins which are both ‘paid for’ Avid plug-ins.
The Read Me file documents issues fixed in this release as well as important compatibility information, known issues, error messages, etc.

Plug-In Updates


  • Pro Tools 11.0.2 is a full installer.
  • Avid recommends uninstalling your current version of Pro Tools prior to installing 11.0.2.
  • Reinstall the Drivers for your interface after a Clean Uninstall, including any HD drivers.
  • Pro Tools 11.0.2 uses a single installer for both Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD. The installation is the same for both, only the iLok authorization is different.
  • See the Pro Tools Software Installation Guide for complete instructions.
  • The Pro Tools application is not automatically added to the Dock on Mac OS X, but can be manually added by dragging the application icon to the Dock.


  • Pro Tools 11.x and Mac OS X 10.8.4 are supported for co-install with Pro Tools 10.3.6-10.3.7 (details)
    • Mac OS X: We recommend using Mac OS X 10.8.4 for co-install with Pro Tools 10.3.6-10.3.7.
    • HD Systems: When co-installing Pro Tools 11.x and Pro Tools 10.3.6-10.3.7, the Pro Tools 11 HD Driver must be installed for proper support.

Late Breaking Technical Issues


  • Review the Read Me file before installing or updating Pro Tools 11.0.2 for known issues that could impact your workflow.
  • Registered owners of Pro Tools 11 can find Installers, HD Drivers, etc. in the Your Products section of their Avid Account.
  • Upgrades available from older versions of Pro Tools can be found here.