Community Tip - Using Window Configurations or Design Template

09-13-2013 10:00 AM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is one from Sreejesh Nair….
From Pro Tools 10, we have the ability to open multiple Audio suite windows. (You can hold Shift while clicking the plugin from the Audiosuite menu to open multiple plugin windows.)
I make the changes on the plugins in the way I desire and line up the plug-in windows from left to right so I know in what order the processing has to happen.
I then save this giving it a name I can remember the effect for. (Low body Whoosh, or super reverb filtered design, etc).
The advantage is that I dont need to save Plugin presets and also, since it is in an order, I can just recall the Window Configuration and process in the order I need or ask my assistant to do it. I can also share this preset.
Additionally, I also have a master preset session. It is possible to just import window configurations from the import session data window. So, I have all my window configs in a master design session that is basically just a place holder for the various design routing and plugin presets etc.
Then, when I am working on a project and need to recall a config, i can import window configs from my template session and I am done.
One idea I do to create the order of processing plugins, is to have an aux in the session i am working, route the audio signal to that aux and try the different plugins in different orders. Then once I am satisfied, I open the audiosuite versions of these plugins and copy-paste the plugin settings to the audiosuite window and I am done! The reason I do this is so that I have a clear understanding of the sound it will create in a chain.
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