Fab Filter Competition Winner

09-11-2013 03:55 PM

5 lucky people have won prizes in the Fab Filter Monster Prize Draw. The winner, who gets a copy of The Fab Filter Total bundle contains 12 plug-ins worth £1133, is Luca Proietti. He says…
I’m a composer, musician, sound engineer and music technology educator. I play keyboards and guitars; you can listen to some of my music at my soundcloud page I’ve been involved with music technology since the advent of MIDI (yes, I’m that old ;-))
I’m really happy to have won this prize; honestly, when I started reading the e-mail I thought it was a fake! (not really used to winning competitions)
I already own a few FabFilter Plugins and I love them, so, what can I say, I’m more than happy to complete the lot!
Luca Proietti, Rome, Italy
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