Community Tip - Naming Sub Paths In The I/O Window

09-08-2013 10:00 AM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is one from Roger Hughes….
I used to hate making and renaming custom subpaths after the fact if I received a session from someone who didn’t or if I myself forgot to check the “auto create sub paths” box or if a coworker jacks up my setup. I accidentally ran into this the other day and I don’t remember seeing it in any of the ProTools books or the parts of the Reference Guide I’ve delved into.
When creating sub paths for stereo paths in the Bus tab in the I/O Setup dialog box, if you double click the Main Path name to highlight it as you would to rename it BEFORE you click “New Sub-Path” it will automatically name each subpath for you as you create them. You still have to map them though, but saves a bunch of time when prepping a session to be summed externally.
Once you do it I recommend exporting your I/O setup so you don’t have to go through this every time. Then you hold COMMAND OPTION as you select the 1st tracks output and Pro Tools will cascade output assignments to all your tracks (COMMAND SHIFT OPTION) to assign cascading outputs to only selected tracks). Haven’t tried it with subpaths for surround: not sure how it would work with so many options for potential subpath groupings.
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