Community Tip - Quickly Renumber Memory Locations

09-07-2013 10:00 PM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is one from Chris Shaw….
I’m pretty detail oriented and I prefer all of my location markers to be in numerical order. During the course of working on a song I tend to add markers as I need them and by the time I’m ready to mix the top of the song is marker 13, the first chorus is marker 3, the kazoo solo is marker 25, and my Memory Locations window looks like I have A.D.D.. Renumbering them can be a real pain, until now…

  1. Save your song. Make sure there is at least one midi track in your session. Create one if necessary (it can be empty).
  2. Select File>Export> MIDI
  3. Make sure MIDI file format is set to “0(Single Track)”. Name the file “Markers” and save.
  4. Make sure the markers are visible on the timeline and select all the markers by double clicking on the marker timeline. (This will delete only the song position markers leaving your “track show/hide”, “Zoom/Settings” Memory Locations etc. intact).
  5. Delete the selected Memory locations with the delete key.
  6. Select File>Import>MIDI and select the MIDI file you saved in step 3.
  7. Make sure that the destination in the MIDI Import options dialog is set to “Clip List” (Otherwise you’ll be re-importing all of you MIDI info into new tracks in the session).
  8. Voila! all of your markers will be imported back into the session and sequentially renumbered. Now you have more time to tune vocals. Joy!

One note: if your markers were originally set to “Absolute” rather than Bar|Beat, you’ll have to double click each one and set it back to Absolute. But this will still take less time than renumbering the markers by hand.
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