Pro Tools Expert Member Proposes To Girlfriend On Podcast

09-04-2013 07:14 PM

It’s certainly a Pro Tools Expert podcast first, perhaps even a podcast first. We have been asking for community members to share their favourite moments in the 5 years that the blog has been running in the run up to our 5 year celebrations in October.
However we didn’t expect to get the request we did from Anthony Dominello. He and his girlfriend are fans of the Pro Tools Expert blog and listen to the podcast together every week. When Anthony asked us if he could use the Pro Tools Expert podcast to propose to his college sweetheart we had to say yes.
So on Podcast 80 we gave Anthony the opportunity to propose. His plan was to sit her down and have her here hear the proposal along with other podcast fans from around the world. We have news from Anthony;
Short answer, she said yes. Actually, that’s the long answer too. Thanks so much to you and the crew! Tell Jivey not to worry about missing it— we can always have a machine play his part. :-)

I’ve attached what is probably the earliest picture of us as teenagers.
Her hand covering my face pretty much sums up our relationship at that
time— I was the shy one back then. Complete reversal now.

Chocolate on the way once the weather cools down enough.

Thanks again for being part of all this. You rock like no-one has ever
rocked before!

Please join our team in wishing Anthony and Mare the very best for their forthcoming wedding and the rest of their lives!
You can hear the proposal on this week’s podcast.