Fix For Pro Tools 11 EuCon 3 Application Set For PC Users

09-03-2013 05:43 PM

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant has been in touch to tell us of a problem with the Windows Application Set for Artist Control users on the PC Platform…
The basic problem is that the default Pro Tools 11 EuCon 3 Application set uses incorrect modifier key flags in the relevant soft keys on the Artist Control. This in effect makes the default application set useless, whereas the PT10 supplied app set worked fine. The PT11 set also broke a page related to ‘Wheel’ functionality, which I’ve also fixed. You can download the modified file here.
To use the file, close down EuCon completely to ensure it’s not running and copy the attached file to: C:/users/username/AppData/Roaming/Euphonix/UserSets/MC2User/MC_USER_SET__Root/ (phew!)
Restart EuCon, and then restart Pro Tools 11. You should find the default surface soft keys now say ‘Shift, Control, Win, Alt’ as opposed to the Mac modifiers (and order) as well as various other fixes.
Thank you Kevin for not only telling us about the problem but also providing a fix too.