Sound Effects Updates From Foley Collection & Airborne Sound

09-03-2013 05:29 PM

We covered how the team at Foley Collection have created foley instruments using Kontakt recently, and they have now added another intrument, this one is for Mountain Bike Riding.Take a look at the demo video here.
Discount Code
Also they are offering an exclusive discount for the Pro Tools Expert community. Buy the FC100 which is a new pack with all their instruments and use the code “” in the coupon box and you will get a 25 Euro discount off the FC100 bundle.

Moving onto to Airborne Sound. Firstly they want to thank everyone who participated in the open beta test. It was a massive success and they were completely bowled over by the enthusiastic response. As a result they have launched three sound effect library bundles. They are:

Also, they have re-released the Victory Vegas Motorcycle bundle with dozens of new sound effects.