Labor Day Special - Fantom For Structure Library - Now 10

09-02-2013 07:47 AM

A very hot Labor Day special, get the Fantom Library for Structure normally £30, but for the next couple of days just £10.00.

The Fantom library for AIR Structure, LE and FREE consists of 319 patches, more than 4,500 single shot unlooped stereo samples helpfully divided into 12 groups: Check out the full patch list here

  • The patches have been sensitively created to give the user control over appropriate parameters, even those using Structure FREE. Some patches include effects to give even more possibilities.
  • Even better the set now includes the full preset listing so you can step through each patch without having to go through the whole loading process!
  • All full length samples avoiding loops (Structure full users can loop these if they wish)
  • Patches are broken into 12 banks
  • Users can combine patches to create multilayered Fantom patches
  • Users can add their own effects
  • The entire library patches for £30 - Download Only! NOW JUST £10

Check out the sneak peak video
Check out this review…
‘I am so impressed with the library — great work! And I had no trouble just creating a “Fantom Folder” and adding that to my “Air Users Blog Patches.” Everything worked smoothly…

The new Fantom Library at the AIR Users Blog is the best one yet! It’s not just a great collection of Fantom sounds lovingly sampled in all their rich Roland glory, but you have control over them in Structure. The creative use of effects and the intuitive Smart Knob mapping make it a joy to use. The patch programming is not one-size-fits-all (Filter Cutoff, Reverb, Zzzzzz) — each patch has the relevant parameters right at hand. For example with the organ patches the mod wheel controls Rotary Speed while the smart knobs control Crossover and Overdrive.

Just auditioning the library got my creative juices flowing. My immediate favorites were the punchy Bass sounds and attitudinal retro Electric Piano patches. But the Drum Kits and Organ Patches are stand-outs too. I lost a few hours to the LoFi Percussion Organ!

Thank you Russ – you did it again!’ Beth Burnett - Newport RI