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    Post Buy Pro Tools 11 And Get An Mbox For $100

    Buy Pro Tools 11 And Get An Mbox For $100

    08-26-2013 11:10 PM

    Avid are running a promo of buy Pro Tools 11 and get an Mbox for $100, that’s 80% off the Mbox. In their words;
    “The Pro Tools + Mbox bundle gives you the best of both worlds—the most advanced and trusted music creation and audio production software on the planet, and a professional-grade, portable hardware interface that delivers best-in-class sound quality and performance. Get everything you need to create music and audio on your Mac or PC—all in one bundle that offers incredible value.”
    More here

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    The Badger is running a special offer right now also:

    Buy an MBox and I'll point a paw in your direction and laugh hysterically.

    I have one right here. Not a new one, one of the original ones. Sounds lovely. But it is so completely incompatible with anything else on this planet that even Digidesign gave up on it.

    I have a mixer amp that I bought in 1974. It still works. People haven't stopped making 1/4 inch jack plugs, so I can still plug things into it, and when I do it still mixes the sounds together and makes them louder.

    There is a piano out there that was built in 1772. If you press the right black and white buttons it can still play Mozart's Piano Concerto 21.

    My MBox however can't even be used as a paper weight because it is not sufficiently heavy. Besides, it is incompatible with Paper... and gravity.

    I'll forgo Avid's generous offer.


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