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    Post Behringer Xenyx Control 1 USB Monitor Station Review

    Behringer Xenyx Control 1 USB Monitor Station Review

    08-26-2013 08:00 PM

    Behringer Control 1 USB - Monitor Station was uploaded by: sonicstate
    Duration: 389
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    If you need a bit of kit that does what this does... then you could do worse than to buy one of these.

    I did a gig with a pro sound company a while ago and I presented them with a piece of kit with a Behringer label on it. A DI box or something.

    "I can't have that in the sound chain!" Exclaimed the gear junkie and off he went to fetch something made by... just about anyone else.

    Behringer kit is cheap. And cheap must mean nasty. But that's not true.

    I recently had the opportunity to A/B some PA speakers. Guess what... On sound alone the offering from Behringer came, um, second. But was considerably less expensive than the HKs that came first and the EVs that came third and sounded miles ahead of the RCFs that trailed in a lonely forth.

    If you figure in how hard it is to find someone in the UK who can service Electrovoice kit in the UK... And the fact that RCF once returned my speakers mended , but with a bloody great hole in the side from the fork lift truck that loaded it onto the lorry.... It's a no brainer. Buy the Behringers and in the unlikely event that they go wrong, just buy some more.

    When I go out on a live gig I take a screwdriver, a torch, a soldering iron, a cheap Behringer mixer, some gaffer tape and a condom. You never know when one of these will be useful.


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