5 Things I Love And 5 Things I Hate About Pro Tools 11

08-26-2013 05:28 PM

Pro Tools 11 has been out in the wild for couple of months now and so I’ve had a lot of time to give it a spin around the block on real projects.
Here are 5 things I love about it and in the name of balance 5 things I hate.
The Things I Love - In No Particular Order

  1. Avid Audio Engine - Performance.
    Use it and you’ll notice that Pro Tools 11 has more firepower than any previous version, it takes your current computer and makes it feel like a new machine - I’d even dare to suggest ‘exponentially’ more power than previous versions. Literalists off you go in the comments. Not having to figure out the compromise between endless buffer errors and latency when using VIs is a gift. The old DAE drove me crazy and sapped any creative spark I had when it decided to throw a hissy fit when I was tracking… a thing of the past. Most of the time if I find myself running a 256 sample buffer then I must be doing something big.
  2. Double Click To Create Tracks.
    A small but very useful feature that every time I go back to Pro Tools 10 I miss a lot.
  3. Offline Bounce.
    We asked for it and we got it, it has some odd moments, like the other day when I did an offline bounce and it ended up at 0.5 times the speed, go figure! However it’s a gift and can be used to freeze tracks, however because of the performance improvements I hardly bother freezing, unless of course my mother is coming to stay and it’s a large lasagne.
  4. The Metering.
    Who would have thought the new metering would make any difference? However it makes a serious amount of difference when setting input levels and also when having to deliver to different specs (HD only)
  5. Shipping Pro Tools 11 and 10
    Of course it makes sense to ship Pro Tools 10 and 11 so we can use both, especially during the AAX transition, but Avid haven’t always done things this smart - this was one of their smarter ideas.

The Things I Hate - In No Particular Order

  1. Missing Plug-ins
    The thing on most of our minds, where are my AAX plug-ins, that includes the stuff Avid dropped to get Pro Tools 11 out of the door on time, we need vendors to ship third party plug-ins and Avid to put back the stuff we all love and miss.
  2. Psycho Click
    If you are yet to experience it the click has moments of madness, in fact a mind of its own where it doesn’t play during playback and does when you press stop, please fix Avid.
  3. Drag and Drop From Timeline Dragged and Dropped!
    Drag and drop from timeline to Structure and Transfuser is currently broke - Avid have promised it’s coming back… its not the end of the world but the sooner the better.
  4. Workspace Still Needs Work
    Workspace has had some work done on it, but it’s still not brilliant and slightly less unusable than before - we need a loop and sample browser in the main edit window not as some separate window you have to chase around the desktop. It’s a good start but more work is needed to make this get even close to the loop browser in Logic, or Garageband for that matter!
  5. Multiple Bounce In HD Only
    I’m a HD user and I get there have to be some things that HD users get for putting out more cash, but the multiple offline bounce option seems a little tight assed to me. Problem is, ask someone which HD feature they want in Pro Tools vanilla and you get a different reply every time, so I’m glad I’m not the accountant at Avid making that call.

So, as you can see some big wins and misses. We know that 11.0 is just the start and that it’s a building block for more stuff, so we hope the Avid Pro Tools product team add some of these to their to-do list.
What are your wins and misses? Discuss.