Pro Tools Expert Podcast Episode 78

08-20-2013 01:05 PM

Russ, Mike, & Neil are back with a packed Pro Tools Expert podcast that includes…

Community Feedback

  • Community Tips - Philip Sapp
  • What is the 4 digit code for Structure Free samples - Terry Sampson
  • Can you upload to the TuneIn app - John Robnett
  • Cinelab Audio Post House in Moscow - Yulik Yagudin
  • Be open like the late Mike Shipley and be polite online - Chris Byrne
  • Are there tips for orchestral arrangements? Kevin Gutowski
  • Taking the 5 hour challenge Ray Palfreyman learnt to use Reaper
  • How do you create the sounds from the song “Wake me up” by Avicii X- avier Dsouza
  • Problems getting MainStage to work Pro Tools 9 -Steven Dixon
  • Can you a series on Pro tools 11 - Daniel Lowndes

Community Tips with the support of iLok

  • Please check our videos before sending in tips, we are looking for that face palm moment.
  • We will publish the best of the tips over the coming week
  • This week’s winner is Jamey Scott for a get tip when you are editing and hit Return by mistake and find yourself back at the beginning.

Community Questions with the support of Alchemea

  • Resolving clicks after using Beat Detective
  • DAE Error 1146 with Pro Tools 8 HD
  • How do I get into plug-in coding?
  • Progress on M-Audio’s Venom Synth?
  • Problems with Pro Tools 7 LE and Windows 7
  • Is the Presonus 16 compatible with Pro tools 11? Presonus Pro Tools session template
  • Will AAX 64 bit plug-ins run on Pro Tools HD systems
  • How do I get an MP3 Export code for Pro Tools SE 8.0.3 Avid Shop
  • DAE Error 13001 on Windows 7 Windows 7 troubleshooting guide and Avid Knowledge Base

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