Community Tip - Isolating One Band In the Avid EQ3 Plug-in

08-18-2013 10:00 PM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community, this one is from Graeme Hales….
Super useful little tip for the Pro Tools stock EQ3 7-Band. When trying to find say, an annoying resonance, rather than boosting significantly with a narrow Q and skimming across the frequency spectrum to find it (which will clip everything and sound awful while doing it), hold CTRL+Shift when you click a band, or Q for that matter, to isolate that band.
You can move it around to find the offending resonance and then attenuate. It’s a little more accurate I find and easier on the ears. This is also great for EQing dialogue. You can easily find the exciting or really intelligible bits to boost and also the murky, muddier bits which you may want to reduce slightly.
It’s one of the coolest little things and I’m unaware of any other EQ that has this particular feature. I must say though, it seems to be a little buggy if you do this on an EQ that has existing automation on it i.e. a lo-pass sweep. Not a huge problem though considering how useful this feature really can be :)
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