Community Tip - Use 2 tracks When Recording Vocals

08-17-2013 10:00 AM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Trond Nedberg recommends that when doing vocal-recording, make two tracks.
Set the first one to solo-safe (cmd+click on the solo-button), and on the second one activate playlist-view. On the first one you do all the recording, pulling good takes to the second one and the not so good to the alternate playlist.

  • Benefit #1: You’ll always hear the singer during count-off/pre-roll/playback while also hearing what’s already been recorded up until the punch-in.
  • Benefit #2: You’ll have a roughly ready-comped track right away.
  • Benefit #3: Insert the plug-ins and sends you want on track two, so you can play it back “the way it should sound”to the singer (otherwise a problem when using low latency monitoring).

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