AAX Plug-in Upgrade Fee Survey - Good News So Far!

04-11-2013 08:26 AM

Helped by community member Rex Strother we’ve been asking plug-in manufacturers about their plans for AAX 64 bit upgrades and in particular any related costs for the user. This needs to be factored in for anyone considering an upgrade to Pro Tools 11 as this cold be a huge cost if you have a lot of third party plug-ins that have costs related to them.
We have to say that so far we’ve had a very encouraging response. Even though many brands are in the middle of shows, we’ve had this response to the question of updates and any cost. You will see that on-the-whole the updates will be free, but what must be noted is that the time and costs related to these ports vary from company to company, so we do hope readers will not demonize brands who may have to charge to recoup costs.
As the list build we will continue to feedback info to the community.
Avid plugins will be ported to 64-bit AAX DSP and Native and made available with PT11 for no additional charge. There are a few Avid plugins that, at this time, are not slated to come to AAX (they can be found on this page, noted with an asterisk): http://www.avid.com/US/resources/Avi...-Plug-in-Tiers
Blue Cat Audio
(1) Most our plug-ins are 64-bit-ready, waiting for the release of PT11 to be released too.
(2) For plug-ins that have been recently upgraded, the upgrade will be free. Some other plug-ins are currently being fully redesigned, so there won’t be an x64 version for the older version, only for the new one. But we do not charge customers for the new plug-in format, they get it for free when they purchase the latest version of the plug-in.
(3) See (2). For plug-ins that will be redesigned, the upgrade price will be pretty small (see the recent upgrade offers), but anyway this price has nothing to do with x64, it is related to the new features.
(4) No, they will all be released as 64-bit (some will be transformed with the big upcoming upgrades, but they will all become 64-bit ready)
Today we announced on our website that the AAX plug-in of Melodyne is going to be available simultaneously with the release of PT11. This will be a free update.
1) All current and available (as of 2nd half 2013) RTAS instruments & effects will be ported to 64-bit AAX Native.
We have no plans to support AAX DSP.
2) No upgrade fees will be charged for 64-bit AAX specifically. But if you have an older version of a product, you may need to upgrade to the newest in order to get AAX.
3) We won’t be porting old and unsupported products like GURU (you need to upgrade to Geist), or any Lite/OEM versions, or old freeware/magware like Orca and GeistCM, or anything older than the current version at the time the AAX64 upgrade ships. Avid have not authorized us (or any other developer) to port the VST-RTAS wrapper.
First, all of our HD v5 plug-ins will be ported to AAX DSP/Native, and all of our Native v5 plug-ins will be ported to AAX Native. As long as they are on v5, the AAX support AND 64-bit support is FREE.
Plug-in Alliance
All our plugins are 64 Bit and AAX Native already. Some are AAX DSP already and we’ll make more. The majority will port to DSP, but no schedule yet.) No fees planned for these updates.
We’re porting everything over to AAX, and all Slate Digital will be AAX Native and DSP. No news on costs.
Sugar Bytes
We are porting everything to AAX 64-bit, but only Native, not DSP. There will be no upgrade fee.
For a complete list of AAX updates (without any cost info) then visit our AAX plug-in database page here.