Community Tip - Using Low Cut Filters To Improve A Mix

08-16-2013 10:00 AM

With the support of iLok, here is another tip from the community. This one is from Idan Altman….
My tip is called “3 low cuts that will make a huge difference on your mix”

  1. A low cut on the reverb return will make your mix sound much cleaner and give the reverb a much more defined sound. just play around with it until it sounds good, i’ve had cases where i cut everything under 200..
  2. A low cut on the bass really helps to give the bass some definition and clarity, also works great if you are looking for vintage sounding bass.
  3. A low cut on an acoustic guitar will make it sit much better in the mix and will leave more space for the kick drum and bass. also helps to clean up tracks that just have 1 acoustic guitar (singer songwriter style)

All 3 good points… but just one word of warning, killing bass in a bass track can cause the track to sound lifeless….. Try to get the kick and bass instrument to sound as one…. PHAT!


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