Synchro Arts Update VocAlign To Fix Pro Tools 10.3.7 Snag

08-14-2013 03:33 PM

Synchro Arts VocAlign users who upgraded to Pro Tools 10.3.7 found that when they tried to open an AudioSuite instance of VocAlign it caused Pro Toosl 10.3.7 to crash. Thanks to Matt Butler letting us know that Synchro Arts have got straight on the case and released an update to fix this snag.

You will need to upgrade to VocALign Project 3.0.9, VocALign Pro 4.1.9 or later and existing users can get them from the download page on the Synchro Arts site. If you are using 10.3.7 on Windows you should contact Synchro Arts Support
Don’t forget that Synchro Arts now offer VocALign LE users which was part of the DV Toolkit the opportunity to purchase an upgrade to VocAlign Pro or Project from the SynchroArts Store even though VocAlign was an Avid product.