How To Label Your iLok And Have Fun Too

08-12-2013 09:13 AM

Did you know you could label your iLok? Take a look at the photo above. On the underside of an iLok is a little button, if you push that in and then pull the translucent collar, the collar will come off to reveal a grey plastic area which you can write on.
As you can see I have simply written on mine with a marker pen to identify which is which of my two iLoks. But you could be much more adventurous than me, you could create a template and then create more professional looking labels using a desktop publishing application, or you could draw on them like a recent stormtrooper iLok winner Felix T did
Or you could go one further and create the Darth Fader and Stormtrooper iLoks like these
Have fun with your iLoks….