Community Tip - Transferring Automation in Pro Tools HD

08-10-2013 10:00 AM

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. This one comes from Sreejesh Nair…
Here is a tip for HD users. If you wanted to transfer automation (Plugins, volume, etc.) from one point on a track to another section, the usual way is to….

  1. Click the source section,
  2. Disable automation,
  3. Go to the destination and then do a Write to all.
  4. Or do a Special Copy and Special Paste. (This has a limitation if the source selection is smaller in length than destination)

An easier way to do this without disabling automation etc. is to….

  1. Click the source section,
  2. Disable Link Edit and Timeline,
  3. Go to the destination and make the selection to whatever length you need and do a write to all enabled.

This is much more faster and less hassle to do. Another thing I do with mixes is to convert volume to clip gain as I get a session so that I do maintain the editors levels while having the ability to tweak my faders to what I need. It also helps me to get a quick visual indication of levels on the clips while mixing.
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