IK Mulltimedia Announce AAX 64 bit Version Of T-RackS CS For Pro Tools 11

08-09-2013 10:31 AM

IK Multimedia have released v4.2 for Mac & PC of their T-RackS Custom Shop which provides AAX 32 & 64 bit compatibility and they have added a new processor module the Precision Compressor/Limiter which looks very British and very familiar to me.
The T-RackS Custom Shop is a very interesting concept for a plug-in. You can download the basic plug-in free, and so you will find it in our Pro Tools free plug-ins list. Once you have downloaded it you get a number of free modules to get you going.
You get the Classic Equalizer module, a 6-band parametric mastering EQ that’s part of the T-RackS Classic bundle, and the T-RackS Metering Suite, which contains a host of useful and detailed displays including Peak, Perceived Loudness, Phase, and RMS meters, plus a Spectrum analyzer with Peak, RMS and Averaging indicators.

Both the EQ and meters can be instantiated as separate plug-ins in your DAW, or as part of the integrated T-RackS shell, which features 8 plug-in slots, and allows you to chain up to 12 processors.
You can also run the T-RackS integrated module as a standalone program, from which you can master your mixes. Whether you’re running standalone or as a plug-in, the Custom Shop can be accessed from inside of T-RackS.
A shop within the plug-in
The Custom Shop is effectively a shop within the plug-in where you can go and buy additional modules and you can even try them for 72 hours before you part with your money.

The Custom Shop is full of emulations of famous hardware processor and although they never state the brand name of the products they are emulating it is very clear what they are.
Try it for yourself and let us know what you find
All in all, the T-Rack Custom Shop is another interesting way of only getting what you want when you want it, so please, if you haven’t tried it yet, then download it fro free, try some of the extra modules for free for 73 hours and let us know what you think of them.