Community Tip - How To Reduce Mic Pops With A Pencil Or A Finger

08-07-2013 10:00 PM

With the support of iLok, here is another tip from this week’s batch. Knut Richard Vanderloock says…
Here’s a trick that I picked up. If you are tracking on location or in the studio and to your surprise and embarrassment discover that you forgot the pop-filter, you could ask the singer or narrator to hold their pointing finger in front of the mouth. As if they are saying “shhhhh.” The finger will redirect the popping pressure waves away from the mic. You might not be protected against the humiliation of admitting you forgot the pop-filter, but at least you’ll get the recording done.
This trick works by disrupting the air flow into the mic. Putting a pencil up against the mic screen and using a rubber band to hold it in place also works.
- James