Intel Doubles Speed Of Thunderbolt

04-10-2013 11:34 PM

As if Thunderbolt wasn’t fast enough already, Intel have announced a speed bump of their technology up to 20Gbps.
More and more peripherals and interfaces are arriving on the scene for audio and creative professionals, such as the highly acclaimed Apollo series and Avid Thunderbolt HD Native, but as yet many users are yet to invest in it.
Apple insider write;
“The high-speed tech, code-named Falcon Ridge, allows for simultaneous 4K video file transfer and display over two I/O channels.

Driving the tech will be a new Thunderbolt controller, currently designated by the codename Redwood Ridge, which is expected to be integrated with Intel’s fourth-generation Core processor lineup this year. Improvements over the previous Cactus Ridge controller are DisplayPort 1.2 capability when connecting to native DP displays, improved power management and a supposed decrease in material cost. “

Anything that increases data throughput for media professionals is welcome news. Watch this space.