A Quick Tip For Keeping Tabs On What AAX Plug-ins Are 64 Bit

08-04-2013 01:11 AM

Here’s something I’ve done on my Mac to keep tabs on what AAX plug-ins I have that run 32 bit (Pro Tools 10) and those that run 64 bit (Pro Tools 11). It’s very simple and helps me check what I’m still waiting for and also means I can sort them, as Mac OS X treats colours as labels you can sort. Even better in the Finder you can rename the colours with your own labels, so you can see I have called them 32 bit and 64 bit AAX.
If you find it’s useful then great, if not simply ignore my OCD behaviour.
A small thing to mention is that some vendors are now releasing 64 bit only AAX plug-ins and will only be supporting Pro Tools 10 and below in the RTAS format, so please take care before thinking about doing a mass cull of your RTAS versions.