New AAX Time Adjuster Compatibility Snag

08-01-2013 05:18 PM

When Avid released Pro Tools 10 they took the opportunity to consolidate the different RTAS TimeAdjuster plug-ins into one AAX Time Adjuster plug-in (note the spelling change, this isn’t a typo). However with the release of Pro Tools 11 which no longer supports RTAS plug-ins a snag has popped up in some users workflows because Pro Tools considers the new Time Adjuster to be a different plug-in and so it doesn’t recognise the automation from the old plug-in. In this video we show you the problem and the workaround given to us by Simon Sherbourne from Avid UK.
This has come to the surface because prior to Pro Tools 10, some users started using the Time Adjuster plug-in as a Gain adjuster because it has 24dBs of gain unlike the Trim plug-in which has 12dBs. However the old plug-in has become part of the the normal workflow and has been embedded in template sessions. Obviously from here on using Clip Gain makes sense but thanks to Simon, users have a workaround to cover legacy sessions when opening them in Pro Tools 11.