Community Tips Part 10

08-01-2013 10:00 AM

With the support of iLok, here is the first batch of community tips from this week’s podcast…

  1. Matt Butler - If you don’t have a Leslie cabinet and want a rotary effect while tracking you can lay a guitar amp at a 45 degree angle and have someone stand in front of the amp with a mic and cable and swing the mic in front of the amp in a circle. You can change the speed of the effect by how slow or fast you want them to swing the mic, just like the switch on a B-3. I’ve tried this technique several times with good success.
  2. Joe Teresi - When I’m recording an electric guitar, I like using a real distortion pedal instead of a “plugin” version of that pedal. So my “chain” of command is as follows: guitar into Ibanez TS9 pedal into preamp. Then, I insert my Softube Vintage Amp Room (or whatever Guitar Amp Sim you want to use) The results are GREAT! If you happen to have “the real thing” (pedal), why not use it instead of an emulation of it?
  3. Tunez - When you record a MIDI track, there is delay from the time you strike the key until it’s processed into MIDI information. Then, again when it’s playing back and triggering. Also different samples can also have a delay when they actually sound. One way you can see this delay is to buss the MIDI track playback to an Audio track and record it. Mute the playback from the MIDI track and listen to the audio from the newly recorded audio from the midi track. Then look at the transients and compare them to the other audio tracks. You can actually select the distance and check to see how long it is in the selection read out. I often end up using the audio and if I need to change the midi part or sound, bounce it back again after the tweaks or just before I want to mix it.

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