Community Tips Part 8

07-30-2013 10:00 AM

Here is an interesting tip from Richard Skopnik, which would be worthy of some more research…
Richard says….
I haven’t done any extensive research into this because I’m so strapped for time but, in Pro Tools 10.3.6 on Mac, how would you like to run unlimited tracks?
I’m doing a project at 96k, so can only have 48 active tracks, but some of my sessions are coming out of 60+ tracks and with no CPTK HD that is a problem.
You need to have Melodyne to make this work - so if you do, you’re in luck. It would seem that any tracks that go over your maximum for the session at the bottom of the screen, that are active but over the maximum number of allowed tracks only have any clips that are in the track won’t play. Any plugins that contain recorded audio still do their job and play back the audio within them!
So, all you have to do is make sure the tracks that you want this “cheat” to work on, is to make sure each track is active and NOT greyed out, by either disabling a few tracks above or moving the tracks in question up a few lanes.
Once there, record the audio on that track into Melodyne (you don’t need to mess with it in Melodyne in any kind of way), and then move the track back to the bottom of the screen and then reactivate any tracks you deactivated to do this. The “Melodyned” track will now play back just fine even if the track is greyed out!
You can put plugins post the Melodyne plugin (with the recorded audio) and they will work perfectly too. The greyed out (but playing backing) tracks will even work in your bounce WITH automation so, to me, that means unlimited tracks. Happy days!
More tips from the community to follow….