AAX 64 Bit Plug-in Announcements In The Last Week For Pro Tools 11

07-30-2013 09:32 AM

AAX 64 bit plug-ins continue to flood out with a number of key announcements and releases this week…

  • Antares have announced they are hard at work on AutoTune 7, AVOX, Harmony Engine EVO and Mic Mod EFX
  • McDSP have released Revolver in public beta
  • We understand Melodyne is in the hands of beta testers
  • Sprectasonics have a number of plug-ins in public beta - Omnisphere, Trilian and Stylus RMX
  • Flux have released their IRCAM verb
  • Overloud have released their Breverb 2 suite, TH2 guitar amp simulator, Mark Studio 2 bass amp simulator, SpringAge spring reverb simulator and Vintage Keyboard FX plug-in.
  • East West’s Play 4 has been released and is AAX 64 bit, but it is currently only available with Storm Drum 3. We understand it will be available as a separate download for customers soon.
  • PSP have released Vintage Warmer 2 and their complete MixPack2 except for the MixBass which they are still working on.

Yes there are some key players we are waiting for like Waves, Slate Digital and Sonnox but at this rate it won’t be long. If you are wondering why its taking longer than you would like take a look at the story of a small developer, there is a lot to do.
If you aren’t sure if your favourite plug-in is available then do check out our AAX Database too.