Community Tips Part 7

07-28-2013 10:00 AM

The community tips keep coming, here is another batch…

  1. Dane Morrow -My tip is to add an expander to the reverb return for the snare drum. Every time the reverb hits, the sound explodes upward creating some movement and vibe to to an otherwise boring reverb. Gating the snare reverb keyed to the snare drum before the expander also works great!

  2. Ken Burk - If you are upgrading from 9 to 10/11 with a digi002 or digi003, you should install the device drivers for both 10 AND 11 (they appear as separate devices) and if you only install the PT 11 drivers, many things won’t work properly in PT 10. Also, make sure your Playback engine in 11 is using the device that begins with Avid and the non-Avid device in 10 for everything to work correctly.

  3. Joshua Valencia - I know it’s a link but its a nifty one. A minor hardware upgrade can have a major impact. Adding RAM to your PC may help cut back on writes to your SSD, potentially increasing its lifespan. Benchmark results have shown an up to 63% reduction in SSD writes with 16 GB of DDR3 memory compared to only 4 GB.

  4. Neil Martin - Hey guys, I have a tip regarding iLok 2s. I’m not sure how many folks know this, but if you look at the translucent part where the serial number is, you’ll see a blue tab/button. If you push that button in with a pen or pencil tip, you can slide the translucent ‘ring’ of plastic away to reveal a rough grey surface that can be written on or labelled. Then you can slide the ring back on to protect your markings. Pretty handy if you have more than one iLok in your arsenal (I have to deal with over 50…). :-)

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