Community Tips Part 6

07-27-2013 10:00 AM

Here is another batch of community tips from members trying to win a stormtrooper iLok…

  1. Yanni Ksdns - Hmmm, nothing more than work hard, be open to suggestions, and no matter how many plugins or expensive gear you have, only you can make something sound great! So my tip is work hard! Really hard! A good producer can have great results using only the built in plug-ins! If he can do it, then you should be able to do it too! It will probably cost less to spend more time to learn things than spend 10 and 20k on gear, mics and plugins!

  2. David Klvac - Over the past year, the one thing I’ve learned is KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid. When I first got into mixing and mastering I would add so many plugins that things were lost instead of enhanced. As of late I’m using some eq, compression, a widener and maybe one or two other plugins. I’m loving the results I’m getting now. KISS works, my friends.
  3. Elias Issa - An awesome way to work faster fading in and out volume automation is to:
    a. Make a selection where you want to raise / turn down volume
    b. Use trimmer tool to turn up or down volume
    c. Make a selection (highlight) from before the break point until the end of the desired fade
    d. Command + X (wallaaaa)
    This also works on panning automation.

Watch out for more tips; yours might be one of them.