More Evidence Of Delay Compensation Bug In Pro Tools 11

07-25-2013 10:04 PM

Community member Top Jimmy and a few other Pro Tools 11 users have been running test to try and replicate the delayed audio when recording in Pro Tools 11 vanilla. He wrote to us via Facbook this;
Hey Russ, There’s a bug in 11 vanilla that has just been officially recognized*. With delay comp on, newly recorded tracks can be late depending on position in the edit window. Thread here:

I made a short screen cap vid here (3MB):

*We are unable to find any note of Avid officially recognizing the issue. If there is a thread we’ve missed with this in it then please let us know in the comments, if not then perhaps a response from Avid would be good at this stage?
You may want to try it yourself, but it does seem like there may be an issue that needs ironing out.