Community Tips Part 3

07-24-2013 10:00 AM

In this week’s show we had 22 tips from community members trying to win a stormtrooper iLok. As we explained in the show here is the first batch of tips…..

  1. Chris Savill Use a hardware automation controller to automate your Pro Tools channels for that “hands on” feel. An extra tip: don’t spank donkeys. They will kick you!
  2. Adam Williams I’ve helped a lot of people using Mac Pro Tools with a certain DAE error… Turn off bluetooth before opening Pro Tools
  3. Matt Hooper Use the preset auto preview, as far as I know Pro Tools is the only host with this cool feature (but make sure you use a brick wall limiter on your master bus)
  4. Philip Rollett Always remember to dither when bouncing down to a lower quality, you might not be able to hear the difference but a trained ear will.

More tips to follow….